My name is Iain Anderson and I live & work in Melbourne Australia.

Over the past 20 years I've worked in the graphic arts industry as a finished artist / retoucher, and currently manage a small studio of uber talented designers.

I’m inspired by & seek moments of honesty. An emotional connection.

In 2007, my wife bought me a surprise birthday present. A little point & shoot camera. Since that day I've been working hard to create ‘honest’ gifts as others have left for me. 

So today, when not in my day gig, I’m extremely honoured to make wedding photographs for friends (or friends of friends). There not always huge weddings. A small registry office is just as nice. Again, it’s about the honest connection.

If you’re reading this & like what you see, and somehow not a friend of a friend ;) please feel free to get in touch - we’ll work it out.